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The fourth grade is the final year of primary school in Germany, and it's a very important year in the German school system. Each child receives a special report card in May averaging their grades in the subjects of German, math, and social studies/science. This average determines which secondary school the child may attend--Mittelschule, Realschule, or Gymnasium. Our school has a great reputation of helping pupils qualify for the Gymnasium. Their thorough training in the three years prior to fourth grade help, but we also offer special preparation in the fourth year for those who hope to qualify for the Gymnasium, either through their grade average or by Probeunterricht, a special  entrance exam for those who didn't reach the grade point average needed.

Of course, the fourth grade isn't all grades and tests. One special aspect of life in grade four is becoming a big brother or big sister to the new first graders. During the first weeks of school one fourth grader is paired with one first grader. They plan parties and outings together and spend one noon break together playing with each other. The fourth graders also have the unique opportunity of practicing and qualifying themselves for a bicycle license through a program run by the Munich poilce. Choir and theater are two special classes they participate in for a half a school year at a time. After the May Übertritt the class also takes part in a week long workshop with a professional actor, culminating in performances for their school mates and parents.


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