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Basteln / Arts and crafts: Origami


During the afternoon “Hort/Betreuung”, our students are exposed to an array of activities which stimulate their interests as well as their creativity.

While choosing an “Arts and Crafts” activity, they have the chance to learn about origami. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with the Japanese culture. Our origami collection includes a variety of animals like dogs, birds and bunnies.

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Umfrage 2017

This year the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule and Ganztagsbetreuung carried out their third on-line survey with the Limes software.

The parents/children were asked how satisfied they were on a variety of topics.

Please take a closer look at our results Jan-Amos-Comenius-Umfrage 2017.

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