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Europäischer Wettbewerb der Freiwilligentätigkeit


How do you do? How do you do? How do you do, again? What better way to volunteer our time at the The Siegerehrung 58. Europäischer Wettbewerb der Freiwilligentätigkeit with a little drama. Volunteering time was the theme for the Siegerehrung 58. Europäischer Wettbewerb der Freiwilligentätigkeit and that is exactly what our little youngsters did. We not only went to the Regierung von Oberbayern to pick up our reward. We also went as a team to show all the other winners how we at Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule like to volunteer our time for everyone. Maximillianstrasse 39 was our destination and we arrived a half hour early so we could rehearse our drama piece ‘Two Fat Gentlemen.’

When the room filled up with politicians, winners and teachers who accompanied them, we all got a little nervous. Who would not be nervous with an audience of 100 people? The show must go on! And it did and it was a success. The children received their certificate and then we headed back to school. What a fantastic experience for the children and the rest of us here at Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule.


Vielen Dank, dass Sie Ihr Kind bei uns anmelden wollen!
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Umfrage 2022

This year (2022) the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule carried out an on-line survey.

Please take a closer look at our results Jan-Amos-Comenius-Umfrage 2022.

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