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Fit 4 future


One of the great concepts at JACG is plenty of time out in the fresh air playing. Sometimes we take out this container full of games and contraptions that encourage fun movement.

It was a gift of the fit4future campaign in German schools, and we are happy to be able to use it over and over again.


Check out fit 4 future at

Vielen Dank, dass Sie Ihr Kind bei uns anmelden wollen!
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Umfrage 2017

This year the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule and Ganztagsbetreuung carried out their third on-line survey with the Limes software.

The parents/children were asked how satisfied they were on a variety of topics.

Please take a closer look at our results Jan-Amos-Comenius-Umfrage 2017.

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