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Green apple day


How much water do you need to clean your teeth — a cup full or a bucket full? The answer, we discovered, depends upon how you do it.

Green Apple Day is an international event to raise environmental awareness in schools. It “…gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local service projects.”

For our very first Green Apple Day Henrik’s dad and his colleague came into school armed with milk cartons, building cards and plenty of pictures, to create an entertaining morning for the Super Squirrels. Through activities, questions and a slide show the pupils learned about saving water, recycling materials and environmentally friendly ways to get to school.

To round off the project, pupils were able to enjoy several pallets of fresh Bio apples that Rewe very kindly donated to the school.

Vielen Dank, dass Sie Ihr Kind bei uns anmelden wollen!
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Umfrage 2019

Last year (2019) the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule and Ganztagsbetreuung carried out their fifth on-line survey.

Please take a closer look at our results Jan-Amos-Comenius-Umfrage 2019.

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