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Hundred days' party


School is a place of learning, but it can also be a place for fun and celebration. It’s a really great thing to combine learning and fun. That’s the goal of the 100 Days’ Party—to celebrate learning after being in school for 100 days.

Our daily number line helps us see how close we are getting to the 100 days’ mark. When the day arrives, we begin with a healthy breakfast buffet in our room. Then the activities begin.

This year each child brought 100 pieces of some kind of item—noodles, toy cars, or toothpicks, for example. First we grouped the 100 pieces in different ways—in groups of 50, 20, 10, 5 and 2. This was helping us get ready for multiplication. Then we estimated how heavy each bag of 100 items was and placed them on a spectrum from lightest to heaviest. After that we weighed them on a scale to see how well we estimated. In another activity the children had to take their names and write each letter over and over in a grid of 100. When they were finished they looked for patterns in the grid. Overall, the day proved both fun and educational!


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Umfrage 2022

This year (2022) the Jan-Amos-Comenius-Grundschule carried out an on-line survey.

Please take a closer look at our results Jan-Amos-Comenius-Umfrage 2022.

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