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Schullandheimfahrten gibt es jedes Jahr für jede Klasse. Hier ein Bericht von 2014:

This year’s trip took us to the small village of Possenhofen on the shores of Lake Starnberg — a place whose most famous resident was the Austrian Empress Elisabeth Eugenie Amalie.

On a sunny April morning our Dragons and Squirrels (1st and 2nd year pupils) heaved, rolled and dragged their perfectly packed luggage the short distance from the school to the S-Bahn platform. After a short journey we left the train behind us, passed by Sissi’s statue and headed down the hill towards the youth hostel.

Between unpacking and lunchtime there was the opportunity for a brief exploration of the local playground and afterwards, the action began in earnest! The Dragons went off to learn the art of survival whilst the Squirrels explored the local habitat through the use of the fi ve senses. With the family holiday quotes from my own parents, “To rest is to rust!” and “No peace for the wicked!” ringing in my ears, we returned to base camp for our evening meal. Then once again, it was time to head out. This time, for our night hike.

One of the most peaceful nights I have ever experienced on a school trip was a pleasant side effect of the day’s non-stop action, although the miracle of the wooden stairs (amplifying the early morning footsteps of errant fi rst years to elephant herd proportions) was not the pleasantest wake up call I have ever had! After breakfast the action continued with the year groups swapping activities from the previous day.

One of the highlights for the Squirrels’ teachers was watching the way the pupils worked in teams to construct very impressive shelters in the woods. After the activities there was time for a quick snack before marching back up the hill to the S-Bahn station. The train’s carriages were contrastingly quiet in comparison with the outward journey and the surprisingly well packed luggage may have lacked the perfection of the previous day, but underneath tired eyes and rosy cheeks the majority of mouths rested in the form of a smile.


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