COMENIUS-Projekt 2013–2015


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Das Projekt konnten wir im Juli 2015 vorerst erfolgreich abschließen. Für unseren Bericht erhielten wir sehr positive Rückmeldungen. Die Zuschüsse in Höhe von 22.000.-€ wurden uns ganz und gar gewährt. Die Teilnehmer der 10 Schulen treffen sich im November 2015 in der Nähe von Andechs.  

Meeting in Greece

Our 2 year long EU funded Comenius Project is fast coming to a close. Representatives from all 10 of our partner schools met in Makrygialos, Greece, from June 5th through the 10th. In some ways it was like every other meeting--cultural outings, a warm welcome by the teachers and pupils of the partner school, visits to the classrooms, etc. Because it was our last formal meeting, however, there were many loose ends to tie up. The group worked hard on our final report, which is due to our individual country agencies by September. Saying "Auf Wiedersehen" to our friends was difficult. The Comenius Project is a lot of work for a school and its teachers, but the rewards outweigh the sacrifices. Thanks to all who played a part in our 2 year journey--parents, pupils, and colleagues. Your Comenius Project Team--Kathryn Waterman (coordinator), Bettina Hofmann, and Kurt Wittmershaus

Meeting in Romenia

Bettina Hofmann and Kathryn Waterman spent 5 sunny days (24.4.-28.4.15) in Iași, Romania for the 8th Comenius teachers' meeting. We are nearing the end of our two year project and only have one more teachers' meeting left; therefore, there was lots of work to be done during these five days. We had to finalize details for all of the last products, work on our project blog, learn about EST, and spend time working on the final report. We did, however, still find time to visit some cultural sites and, of course, spend time with the students at our partner school. Our hosts organized some great meals with live music and dance performances.





Meeting in Ireland

The first meeting in 2015 took place in Cavan, Ireland. Kurt Wittmershaus, Naomi Kaye and I were the representatives from Munich. After spending a day exploring Dublin, we travelled to the much smaller town of Cavan. The students in the Cavan School were very excited to perform traditional dances and music and to show us around their little school.


On Friday we had the opportunity to travel to Belfast and learn all about the very interesting history of this city and visit the Titanic Museum. Saturday was spent meeting the town officials, touring around Cavan and eating a delicious dinner cooked by our Irish hosts.


Of course our trip also included a couple working meetings. During these meetings we set dates for our last projects (fairy tale comparison, board game, hiking guide) and meetings (Romania, Greece and Poland student meeting). A lot of time was also spent discussing the final report.



COMENIUS in Turkey!

Betti Hoffman, Moggie Quarco and I attended a four day Comenius meeting in Silivri, Turkey. It was very interesting to visit classes in both the school and the kindergarten. The children in both places performed traditional songs and dances for us. The parents from the students prepared us delicious traditional dishes one day for lunch and we continued to taste the tasty Turkish food in restaurants throughout the trip.
During out working meetings, the Finnish teachers presented the final product of our European Calendar. Each month in the calendar includes pictures of an important site in each country drawn by students.  We discussed several other projects including: a historical site poster, fairy tale comparison, European board game and hiking guide. We will be busy working on these projects throughout the year.
Silivri is a one hour drive from Istanbul; therefore, we had the chance to see many sites. The Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazar were the highlights! We also had a wonderful dinner cruise on the Bosphorus.
Despite the gray, wet weather, the three of us really enjoyed out time. We are now busy finishing the last preparations for our student meeting this week in Herrsching!
Kathryn Waterman




Germany Visit

The second year of your Comenius project has begun!
Teachers from our partner schools were here visiting us in Munich and Andechs from 4.10. to 8.10.2014.

COM33 comenius-germany1

COM31 comenius-germany2COM32 comenius-germany3-andechs

The visit included: a trip to the mountains, a day at Oktoberfest and of course a visit at our school in Pasing and the school in Andechs.

COM29 comenius-germany4COM30 comenius-germany5

We also had two productive meetings where plans were discussed for the upcoming trips and projects.
The Romanian group presented a recipe book, 'Bon Appetit Europe! Eating Traditions Yesterday and Today'. This book includes traditional recipes from the different countries. The next two products that will soon be complete will be, a European Calendar and a games book.
We are excited to see the final products!!


Trip to Poland
The last trip of the school year was to Torun, Poland. This beautiful town is famous for its ginger bread and being the birth place of Nicolaus Copernicus. We were able to participate in an excellent ginger bread baking workshop, visit one of Copernicus's houses and view a show in the planetarium.
We also of course attended meetings and discussed new projects (such as a literature project, a European Calendar and a Legend book).
One of our very talented Romanian partners gave us a short IT tutorial on how to use our blog.

COM26 2013-14 Comenius-Polen1COM27 2013-14 Comenius-Polen2COM28 2013-14 Comenius-Polen3

One day was also spent visiting the kindergarten where we were able to observe the different groups and sing and dance with the little ones.
The meetings will continue in the new school year with the first meeting being in Munich!!


Skypen ist cool!
Heute waren wir zum zweiten Mal über Skype mit einer Partnerschule verbunden. Es ist aufregend via Skype direkt mit der anderen Gruppe zu kommunizieren:

COM24 2013-14-comenius-skypen1COM25 2013-14-comenius-skypen2

Heute waren es die Spanier, neulich die Griechen. Wir sprachen und sangen zusammen!


We can move the world!
Heute, am 6. Mai 2014, waren alle unsere Comenius-Partnerschulen gleichzeitig um 11 Uhr draußen um die Aktion „we can move the world" zu zeigen.
Um 11 Uhr sprangen alle Kinder in die Luft und schwenkten Fahnen der im Projekt vereinten Länder.
Yes, we can!

COM23 2013-14-comenius-we-can1

COM22 2013-14-comenius-we-can2


COMENIUS in Slovenia – meeting no. 4!
Our Comenius group was travelling again! Kathryn Waterman and Bettina Hofmann went to Slovenia with five students.

COM20 comenius-slov2014-1COM21 comenius-slov2014-1b

Finland, Spain, Andechs, Turkey and Slovenia also brought students and one teacher came on his own from Greece.

COM19 comenius-slov2014-2

It was an amazing experience for everyone. Our students attended classes in the Slovenian school, visited Lake Bled and had a great weekend in Bohinj. Some activities in Bohinj included hiking, canoeing and archery. It was also a lot of fun learning different dances from the partner countries.

COM17 comenius-slov2014-3COM18 comenius-slov2014-4

COM15 comenius-slov2014-5COM16 comenius-slov2014-6

The students wanted to stay longer and spend more time with their new friends!!
Kathryn Waterman


COMENIUS in Finland – third meeting!
Kurt Wittmershaus and Kathryn Waterman attended the third Comenius meeting in snowy Lahti, Finland. As well as sightseeing (in Lahti and Helsinki), visiting classes and partaking in cultural activities, we had very productive meetings.

COM14 2014finnland1COM14 2014finnland2

Our first product, The Song and Dance book, was completed and handed out to all partners. We also set deadlines for three more products: a recipe book, a European Calendar and a Games book. The final details for the student trip to Slovenia were discussed and dates were set for our meetings in the new school year.

COM12 2014finnland3COM13 2014finnland4

We are looking forward to the student meeting in Slovenia at the end of March and the final meeting for this school year in Poland at the beginning of May.
Kathryn Waterman


Our second Comenius meeting was held in Igualda, Spain. The town is located about an hour from Barcelona. It was great to see some teachers we had met previously in Slovenia and exciting to meet new people.

COM11 2013-14-Comenius-Spanien1

We spent a lot of time at the school, touring around, visiting the classes and attending meetings. Lucky for us, we also got to participate in a big school festival, 'Festa Mojor' that they celebrate once a year. There were performances, games, crafts and treats to eat.

COM09 2013-14-Comenius-Spanien2COM10 2013-14-Comenius-Spanien3

Wir tauschten uns über die Projekte "Liederbuch" und "Tänze" aus. Die Andechser Schule übernimmt die Zusammenstellund der einzelnen Beiträge.
Of course it was also very enjoyable to see different sights. We visited the Monsterrat Monastery, toured around the Gaudi House and Sardada Familia in Barcelona, ate tapas and explored Igualda.
All in all it was another successful, interesting trip and we are looking forward to the next meeting in Lahti, Finland.
Kathryn Waterman


COMENIUS: News, 13.1.2014
Dear Parents,
We have received e-mails from our Comenius partners thanking us for the book donations. The children were very happy to receive the books. The winning song for our page in the book was 'Alle Meine Entchen' and the winning dance was 'Laurentia'.
Thank-you for your suggestions!
Frau Hofmann and Ms. Waterman will be travelling this week to Spain for the second project meeting. They will be leaving Wednesday afternoon and returning on Sunday.
Your Comenius Team


COMENIUS: Lidija's Letter
"Dear partners,
yesterday was like Christmas for us. We received books from Munich and would like to thank you very much.
Have a nice December
war die Antwort auf das Buchpaket, welches Anfang Dezember verschickt worden war.
(Siehe hier unten!)


Ein COMENUS-Weihnachtsgeschenk
Jede COMENIUS-Partnerschule bekam im Dezember ein Weihnachtspaket mit englischen Büchern.
Herzlichen Dank nochmals an alle Spender!

COM07 2013-14 comenius-paket1COM08 2013-14 comenius-paket2



Unsere COMENIUS-Wand
Im Gang der Grundschule haben wir mittlerweile einen Teil der Wand für unser Projekt reserviert.
Kurzberichte, europäische Flaggen, Fotos und Karten bilden dort ein kleines Kunstwerk ...

COM05 2013 comeniusprojekt0COM06 2013 comeniusprojekt2

Hier sind ein paar Kurzberichte:

COM03 2013 comeniusprojekt1COM04 2013 comeniusprojekt3



The first meeting
Our Comenius project has begun!! The first meeting took place in Kamnik, Slovenia from 12.10-15.10.2013.
Kurt Wittmershaus and I had an amazing experience meeting all of the other teachers and visiting the schools in Slovenia.

COM01 2013 slovenien1COM02 2013 slovenien2

A strong bond has already been made between the partners in the project.
Kathryn Waterman


Erste Planungen und Gespräche ...
Im Schuljahr 2012–13 fanden Planungen und Gespräche zu einem von der EU geförderten Projekt im Rahmen des COMENIUS-Programms statt.
Im Februar 2013 reiste Kathryn Waterman nach Griechenland zu einem vorbereitenden Besuch für das COMENIUS-Projekt 2013 bis 2015.
Bei COMENIUS arbeiten verschiedene Schulen europaweit an gemeinsamen Projekten.
Unter dem Motto „Lebenslanges Lernen" finden Partner Themen beispielsweise aus der Lebenswelt von Grundschulkindern, welche sie kreativ umsetzen. Ziel ist es dabei auch durch gegenseitige Besuche das kulturelle Umfeld der Partnerschulen kennen zu lernen und die gemeinsamen Projektideen vor Ort in die Tat umzusetzen.
Bettina Hofmann und Kurt Wittmershaus sind ebenfalls im COMENIUS-Projekt engagiert. Zwei umfangreiche Anträge wurden gestellt und auf den Weg gebracht.
Unser Antrag wurde genehmigt und wir sind mit folgenden Ländern in den beiden nächsten beiden Schuljahren in einer Schulpartnerschaft: Deutschland, Irland, Türkei, Slowenien, Finnland, Rumänien, Polen, Spanien und Griechenland.

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